Monday, March 19, 2012

Can We Build It?

Well, the weekend is over, and hubby’s days off are over. But now I get to share with you the progress that we made on our cubbies over the weekend.
First, here is the bench that I built. Screwed together using the Kreg Drill Jig. Have to say, that is one handy tool! You can sort of see the holes on the bottom left and right sides of the bench. The holes will get filled in with wood filler. It still needs trim and a good painting. But wow! I cut those pieces of wood and they actually fit! I’m one proud momma Smile. Cub #4 is saying hi.
IMG_1848 (1024x768)
As for building the cubbies, this is where we started (that is, after hubby had screwed these three pieces together in the garage, and we found out that we couldn’t get them through the door. So we unscrewed them, carried all the pieces into the house and started screwing the pieces back together).
IMG_1853 (1024x768)
Cub # 4 was very interested in the building process…
IMG_1855 (1024x768)
“23 inches daddy”.
IMG_1858 (1024x768)
The dividers for the base are in…
IMG_1860 (1024x768)
Cubby dividers…
IMG_1862 (1024x768)
In order to support the dividers, secure the cubby to the wall and have a solid piece to screw the hooks into, we needed to notch a 1x4 into the dividers.
IMG_1863 (1024x768)
This is where a Jig saw would have come in handy. But that tool will have to wait. So instead we used a hand saw and an Exacto knife.
IMG_1864 (1024x768)
Measuring for the top dividers…
 IMG_1866 (1024x768)
And then of course comes product testing right? This is where cub #4 came in handy. He fits perfectly.
IMG_1871 (1024x756)
“Oh, oh”.
IMG_1870 (1024x768)
Cub #1 filling in gaps and pocket holes… Yes, we should have faced the board so the holes were on the underside, but this is where trial and error comes in. We’ll know better for the next project. 
We used  3/4” trim for the insides and 1 1/2” trim on the top and bottom…That may change. Because I’m not liking the 3/4'” trim. But we’ll see once the whole thing has been painted and baskets are in.
IMG_1880 (1024x768)
This is how it’s sitting right now. Secured to the wall. waiting for me to get my butt in gear and finish priming.
IMG_1884 (1024x768)
There is still lots of work left, but I’m very happy that the scariest part is done…
I had a lot of fun building this with hubby, but to keep things as honest as possible, there were a couple of times where I had an urge to shoot him in the butt cheek with the air nailer, but I figured out the amount of time it would take to go to the hospital to get it removed and decided it wasn't worth it...
Can we build it? Yes we can!!


  1. So glad you had enough self control to not "shoot" your hubby!

  2. lol, yep, otherwise he may not want to work with me anymore. So maybe it was more 'selfish' than 'self-control'.

  3. Esther I love your cubby and I also love that you are taking progress pictures. I wish that I would do that! I think that your project is gonna be amazing and can't wait to see the end result!


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