Wednesday, April 11, 2012

At Last…Fireplace Update

Our fireplace was installed on March 20 and it is only now, April 11, that I bring you the ‘almost done’ post. The last post about our fireplace left you with this picture…

Now to drag you through the process of how we got from that to this…

I had a really hard time trying to make a final decision as to how we were going to finish the fireplace. I found so many nice ideas online, from pallet wood, to stone,  to bead board, and everything in between. But the one that caught my eye the most was of a fireplace with bead board. I wish I could show it to you, but I can’t find the picture. It must have been on my loaner iphone. Oh well, just take my word for it. It was pretty!
Hubby measuring, measuring and measuring some more. The framing wasn’t exactly level so that always makes finishing fun. NOT!
IMG_1922 (1024x768)
Cub #1 helping daddy. I love this picture of him..carefree and laughing ‘his’ laugh.
IMG_1924 (1024x768)
Because the bead board panelling is so flimsy, we had to put up some plywood for support. Just so we don’t end up with a elbow or hockey stick through the panelling. If you parents know what I mean…
IMG_1925 (1024x768)
Hubby cutting out the holes for the 2x4’s that will be supporting the mantle.
IMG_1927 (1024x768)
Is it level??? Yes sir!! (Actually, it would be more like “Yes dear”. What can I say, I want things to be as level as possible!
IMG_1931 (1024x768)
Yay, panelling is going up! You can see the supports for the mantles…
IMG_1936 (1024x768)
A really cool thing about the nail gun that we bought during this project, was that it has a built in pencil sharpener! That made it totally worth the $$ just to have a sharpener that will never get lost!
IMG_1940 (1024x768)
And now for the mantle…
We have a good stock of 2x4’s thanks to my 'framer' brother, so we used them to build our mantle.
IMG_1943 (1024x768)
IMG_1947 (1024x768)
We screwed the 2X4’s together using our awesome Kreg.
IMG_1950 (1024x768)
The mantle was another hard decision for me… Stain brown? Or paint white?
Stained brown…
IMG_1962 (1024x768)
Stained mantle… The cubs and I distressed the wood before staining, which you can see on the right picture. We trimmed the ‘insert’ with white moulding.
IMG_1967 (1024x768)IMG_1984 (1024x768)
I liked the color of the mantle, but I didn’t like how the three different colors of brown (the floor, the bench, and the mantle) competed with each other. So I did what any crazy women would do…
I painted it white. Ah, much nicer. It just seems to flow better. The eyes don’t have to go back and forth trying to figure out if the browns match, or what to look at first.
IMG_2012 (1024x768)IMG_2017 (1024x768)
But then my sister came in and didn’t particularly like the white mantle. So I suggested distressing it, grabbed some sandpaper, tore it in half, gave her a piece and we went to work.
Before & After:
IMG_2019 (1024x768)IMG_2032 (1024x768)
It was exactly what it needed to make to all pull together and shine! Well, actually, after sanding it, it was more of a dull, old piece of weathered wood look. And we loved it!
Before & After:
IMG_2017 (1024x768)IMG_2039 (1024x768)
Before and After:
IMG_1967 (1024x768)IMG_2040 (1024x768)
I really wish I would have taken a picture of the entrance before I painted and boarded up the little closet, but here is the best' ‘before’ picture that I have.
Before and After:
entrance nowIMG_2040 (1024x768)
It makes me giddy looking at the before and after. I am extremely happy with the way ‘Project Entrance’ has turned out. 
Oh, just so that I don’t have to have a separate post to share our ‘guest’ hooks and shoe shelf, here are a couple of pictures:
We built the shoe shelf using left over pine boards. ‘Kreg-ed’ the pieces together. Measured to make sure it was level. Nailed left over bead board panelling to the back of the shelf. Painted the shelf.
IMG_2001 (1024x768)IMG_2006 (1024x768)IMG_2008 (1024x768)IMG_2010 (1024x768)

The hooks are the same ones that we had used in the entrance here.
IMG_2013 (768x1024)    
You can see the shelf and and a itsy bitsy piece of a hook on the right side of the picture. Just to help you get an idea of where it is in the entrance.
IMG_2012 (1024x768)
And that is that!!
Now comes the decorating challenge…
I am feeling overwhelmed with the endless possibilities and so then I do nothing.
I have this picture that I really like from Ikea, it has almost the whole rainbow of colours in it. But I am undecided about which colors to pull out of it. And trying to find more than 3 matching baskets is proving to be very difficult here in our little city. So that must be a good enough excuse to make a trip to the big city, right?
IMG_2049 (1024x768)

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  1. oooo I love it Esther!! I really love the art from Ikea. If it was me I would pick the orange, fushia and scarlet red for some extra pops of colour. It's such a pretty picture! You and your family of cubs and main Wolfe have done an amazing job transforming your house into a home that can be truly enjoyed. Good job again Esther!


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